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Help traffic safety and smooth -- Yiwei Shares appeared in the 2023 National Highway control vehicle overload and overlimit seminar

2023-03-18 15:39:00  

Transportation is the "vanguard" of social development, and roads are the "lifeline" of transportation.。It is reported that according to the "National Highway Network Planning", by 2035, the total scale of China's highway network will reach 46.10,000 km。With the continuous extension of highway mileage, the support and guarantee role of overloading control work in accelerating the construction of modern high-quality national highway network will be more prominent。

On March 16, the "2023 National Highway Control Vehicle Overload and Overlimit Seminar and the 11th National Highway Law and Comprehensive Law Enforcement Management Seminar" hosted by the China Highway Society was held in Hefei, Anhui province。Leaders of transportation authorities across the country, heads of relevant departments and a number of high-tech enterprises in the field of transportation informatization gathered at the scene to deeply discuss the policies and technologies for the national highway management of vehicle overload and overlimit and comprehensive law enforcement management。

Yiwei was invited to bring products such as off-site law enforcement non-stopping detection system, Zhichao network management information system, operation and maintenance supervision system, bridge structure safety and health monitoring system, and four good highway comprehensive management platform to the exhibition of innovative technology products in this conference, and received extensive attention from the participants。Yiwei technology and super products can achieve multi-source and super full integration closed-loop management, multi-dimensional intelligent visual management, contact-free/all-weather super business process control, and high-latitude overall network scheduling。

Shenzhen Yiwei Ruichuang Co., Ltd. was established in 2006,Headquartered in Shenzhen,It is a national high-tech enterprise, double soft certification enterprise, AAA credit enterprise, safety production standardization enterprise, and Guangdong Province's contract-abiding and creditworthy enterprise,National SME Share Transfer System (New Third Board) listed companies (stock code 836266),There are branches in many places throughout the country,And there are mature cases in many provinces and cities。